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Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions such as purchases, sales, receipts and payments for yourself, or within a business and allows you to keep an accurate record of company spending and revenue and improves your chances of making profit, Mollarts have been providing a fantastic bookkeeping service throughout Darlington and the North East since 1978.

This is done by many businesses internally, but it usually makes more sense for us to carry out this task so you can spend more time running the business.

Management information can be prepared smoothly and VAT Returns can be completed a lot easier, with any inspections being managed without a worry, as we will have an accurate representation of all of the business’ transactions.

The use of bookkeeping helps you to chase any debts, it can help cut back on company spending and can also identify if a business is under-spending and will allow the company to find a use for the extra money to help productivity.

We will tailor a service to you, and any work can be carried out on your premises or ours in Darlington.

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